What is Opportunity Lost?

Opportunity Lost is a newsletter with some of my thoughts on economics, politics, public policy, and anything else I find interesting.

Who are you?

I’m Ben Ramanauskas, economist; although I prefer the term ‘dreamweaver’. I’ve done a fair few things in life but perhaps most relevant to this blog I’ve been around the think tank world for years, have worked in academia at Oxford, and was also an adviser to Liz Truss (at the Department for International Trade, NOT Number 10).

What’s with the name?

Assuming you mean the Substack and not my actual name then it’s a reference to ‘opportunity cost’. In economics, the opportunity cost of a particular activity is the value or benefit given up by engaging in that activity, relative to engaging in an alternative activity. There is, for example, an opportunity cost to subscribing to and reading this newsletter. Time spent with friends and family or on Twitter or reading a more interesting Substack.

It’s also a nod to Paradise Lost. Not that I’m comparing my blog to Milton but…

Why are you doing this?

Opportunity Lost also refers to the fact that the UK (and many other nations) are making decisions which are detrimental to our current and future economic growth and prosperity. A lost opportunity, if you will. We have the potential to transform the UK and the world into a place where we can flourish and enjoy long, healthy, and happy lives, but we need the right policies in place.

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Ben Ramanauskas

Economist. Former adviser to the UK's Secretary of State for International Trade. Sometime academic at Oxford University.